Tempest Zoning filters

Tempest Zoning filters : Exxelia Technologies meets the confidentiality requirements of buildings


How to get a simple room as confidential classified ? TEMPEST application got significant raise . Indeed, Companies working for government or implementing procedure to avoid leakage of confidential information by Electromagnetic conduction (TEMPEST ) could use shielded enclosure such as Farady cages with high performance TEMPEST filters . However, those solutions can be out of budget or oversized compared to the performance the customers targeted. Therefore, a « TEMPEST zoning » configuration could be considered for a non shielded area the customer wished anyway to avoid critical information leakage coupling on power supply cables running out of a secured building. The most common example was power supply 16A phase + Neutral 230V 50Hz very usual for a simple power plug in a room. In this case, Exxelia Technologies proposed a wall mounted filter on a metallic plate linked to the ground. Then, it was important to use shielded cable with 5 meters minimum length to avoid radiation coupling from input to output cable running out of the room.


9190T-01 filter offered insertion loss performance (80dB from 300kHz to 18Ghz) is acceptable for TEMPEST zoning application. This part presented an added value with shielded connectors for easier installation. To sum up, this filter has conform attenuation level, oow housing and

easy installation features.


More informations: info@exxelia.com


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